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June 2017 Archives

Dog bites sent 2 children to hospital

Many families in Illinois have dogs as family pets. Most pet owners would likely extol the virtues of choosing to bring home a dog. Unfortunately, as with all animals, the behavior of a dog is not always predictable, often leaving victims suffering as a result of dog bites. For example, two children in another state were recently hospitalized after they were apparently attacked by a pit bull.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Fatality during slowed traffic

While most drivers in Illinois are aware of the importance of constant vigilance, it may be easy to become complacent. Favorable weather conditions and a smooth flow of traffic can lead a driver into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, the situation can change in an instant, requiring a split-second reaction. If drivers are not prepared for these changes, serious motor vehicle accidents can occur.

Dog bites on airplane send passenger to hospital

Dogs serve several purposes in this country. While many people in Illinois have a dog as a pet, some are used as service animals or to help with law enforcement matters. Unfortunately, one man was hospitalized following an incident in another state that resulted in injuries caused by dog bites.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Pedestrian killed in collision

All drivers have moments in which they are lulled into a sense of complacency. Perhaps an Illinois driver who has driven the same route repeatedly may go into a sort of autopilot mode, making the driver slow to respond to changes in conditions, such as drivers who slow to make a turn. Unfortunately, such complacency is often the cause of motor vehicle accidents.

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