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What makes dogs bite people?

Every year, there are thousands of injuries because of dog bites. In fact, 1,000 people end up in U.S. emergency rooms every day because of dog bites.Sometimes, dogs make it clear that they're not always man's best friend. But what makes them bite? The reasons dogs...

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Follow these tips to stay safe on winter roads

Winter driving in the Addison area can be very hazardous. It is bad enough with wet, icy or even snow-covered streets, but when people do not compensate and practice safer driving habits, the roadways become even more dangerous. While the safest thing you can do is to...

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How to protect children from dog attacks

Illinois dog owners have a moral and legal obligation to prevent their dogs from attacking people. This especially applies to preventing their dogs from attacking children.Children are smaller and can't fight back against dogs the way adults can, so they tend to be...

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What are some causes of semitruck crashes?

Driving around on the interstate or highway puts you in close proximity to semitrucks. These trucks are large and heavy, so smaller personal vehicles aren't any match for them. Try as you might, you might still end up the victim of a semitruck crash. If this does...

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