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March 2017 Archives

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents are caused by avoiding a crash

How often have Illinois motorists been forced to take evasive action in order to avoid a collision? Many times, these drivers manage to avoid being involved in motor vehicle accidents, count their blessings and keep going. Sometimes, however, things to terribly wrong, and even though a driver avoids the first potential accident, he or she ends up in another crash.

Fatigue and crash risks

Because of the long workdays on the roads, truckers are often under fire for driving while fatigued. Certainly it is true that you do not want to be on the highway next to an 80,000 pound truck while its operator is struggling to stay awake, but according to a new study by AAA, anyone who misses an hour or two of sleep may be putting everyone else on the road at risk of a crash.

You need aggressive representation in claims for dog bites

Were you invited onto the property of an Illinois resident who owns a dog? Were you just peacefully minding your own business when that dog attacked and bit you without provocation? Were you injured? Dog bites potentially cause a host of medical issues and can even be fatal.

Your whole body is vulnerable in a car accident

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, your entire body is subject to potentially very harmful trauma. In high impact crashes, it is not unusual for a victim to suffer broken bones, cuts and other serious injuries. But there are some types of car accident injuries that can be especially devastating.

Efficiently Solving a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Sustaining a personal injury has become a norm in such a bustling world. From the frenzy of construction equipment to slip and fall accidents, maintaining safety is no longer optional but a mandatory requirement. In the event an accident occurs, experiencing immense pain and confusion can ultimately affect your judgment and locomotor skills. Before rushing to file charges against a property owner, you might want to consider the exact cause of the injury. Injuries arising from poorly maintained property conventionally place property owners as liable to any injury sustained by guests or occupants.

Comprehending the Consequences of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Illinois has become synonymous with hundreds of catastrophic motor vehicle accidents each year. Based on the highly trafficked roads and millions of commuters, it was only a matter of time before motorcycle accidents occurred, or even train accidents in the worst case scenario. Whether you are commuting to work or driving your kids to school, a vehicle crash seems inevitable with each passing day. In most cases, negligent driving mainly serves as the most common cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents. From a drunk driver to a teenager texting behind the wheel, such irresponsible actions can adversely a victim's life in more ways than you can imagine.

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