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Slip & Fall/Property Owner Negligence

A slip-and-fall accident injury may sound insignificant, but it’s not. A surprising, jarring slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall can cause physical and emotional problems for the victim, for years to come.

Did you or a family member or friend suffer pain for weeks and months after slipping and falling on a slick store floor, an icy sidewalk or malfunctioning elevator or escalator.

The Schramm Law Group, LLC in DuPage County, Illinois, is here to protect your rights.

Experienced personal injury attorney Adam E. Schramm welcomes the opportunity to safeguard the interests of anyone who is injured in an unsafe environment — on public, private or commercial property. Managers and owners of property have a legal responsibility to ensure safe passage for pedestrians. When this obligation is overlooked, and accidents and injuries occur, Adam Schramm is proud to serve as your lawyer and seek justice for you.

When You Can’t Walk Safely On A Property, Something Is Wrong — And Schramm Law Group, LLC Strives To Right That Wrong

Premises liability issues can also involve insufficient parking lot lighting, a sidewalk defect, an unsafe stairway and untethered domestic pets that could bite anyone nearby.

Adam Schramm knows how to investigate these situations and present the facts of your personal injury claim to insurers for a property owner. He has built a recognized reputation for results in negotiations with insurance companies and litigation that sends a strong message.

Did you need to be hospitalized, and lose time away from your job, because of a slip-and-fall accident? Our law firm compiles every detail of your claim and advocates for the maximum financial compensation you deserve, start to finish.

We look forward to meeting you, and getting to know you, at your free initial consultation. Adam Schramm can come to your home or hospital room if your medical condition prevents you from traveling. Call 630-412-1073 today or remain online to communicate with us by email.

Our contingency fee policy means that you owe no legal fees unless we win your case.

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