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July 2017 Archives

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver killed in Illinois collision

Tractor-trailers are vital to the economy of the United States. Because of the large number of them that utilize the country's roadways, users of these same roadways are fortunate that most drivers are well-trained professionals who are committed to safety. When motor vehicle accidents involving tractor-trailers do occur, however, they can result in serious injuries due to their large size. Unfortunately, a driver in Illinois has recently been killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer.

Dog bites: Child hospitalized following attack

Many households in Illinois have dogs as pets. The animals are often beloved members of the family. Unfortunately, even dogs that have no previous history of violence can cause injuries. Reports indicate that a boy in another state was recently sent to the hospital as a result of dog bites -- reportedly the second attack this month involving the dog.

Insurance may not cover all losses after a car crash

Most people who drive do so under the assumption that their car insurance will cover any expenses caused by a car crash. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Many other people who are on the roads in Illinois choose to drive without car insurance or only carry the lowest amount of insurance required by law.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Arrest made after hit-and-run

In society, members are expected to treat another in a certain way. While some of these expectations are general social constraints, others are legal requirements. For example, those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents are legally required to render aid if another person is injured. Failure to do so could result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, police have accused an Illinois man of failing to do so after a recent crash involving a pedestrian.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: Teens help toddler crash victim

Most people in Illinois likely have no idea how they would react should they come upon a crash scene. For many, the scene of motor vehicle accidents can be overwhelming; however, officials say that two teenagers sprung into action to help a toddler whose mother was fatally injured in an accident. The driver believed to have caused the accident now faces criminal charges.

Illinois motor vehicle accidents: 3 killed in interstate accident

There are many hazards on the roadway. Even when weather conditions are favorable and there is relatively little traffic, drivers who take their attention from the road for even a split second can easily cause motor vehicle accidents with devastating consequences. Unfortunately, Illinois State Police are currently investigating a recent collision that resulted in the death of three people, including an infant.

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