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Intersection Accidents

Crazy things can happen during hectic, crisscrossing traffic at busy intersections. Crazy and dangerous. Crazy and fatal.

Did a sudden, violent intersection accident turn your life upside down? Are you currently in a hospital, recovering from serious injuries and looking uphill at the struggles you face? Have you lost all hope for a brighter future?

The help and hope you are desperate for can be found right now at the Schramm Law Group, LLC in DuPage County, founded by experienced personal injury attorney Adam E. Schramm.

During Adam‘s years of successful practice, his legal expertise and keen focus on personal service have made a dramatic positive difference in many lives. He knows how to investigate, negotiate and litigate to your benefit. He knows bargaining tactics that impress insurance company lawyers. He knows how to argue for your objectives before judge and jury — and how to win the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

Most importantly, Adam knows how to produce favorable outcomes that bring peace and closure to injured persons, and to families grieving loved ones’ wrongful deaths in intersection accidents.

Responsive Car Accident Representation Locally In Greater Chicago, And Statewide Across Illinois

You may have been broadsided at an intersection, in a T-bone accident.

You may have been riding your motorcycle or bicycle, legally through an intersection, when you were struck by a negligent motorist.

You may have been a jogger, dog walker or pedestrian, taken by surprise in a crosswalk by a speeding or distracted driver.

However your intersection accident happened, we have the skillful guidance that can adapt to any situation. Adam E. Schramm is a lawyer who can be trusted to act in your best interests at all times. And thanks to his contingency fee policy, you owe no legal fees unless he wins your case.

Call today for a free consultation — 630-412-1073. We reply promptly to all emails. Hospital and residential visits are available upon request.

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