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What are some causes of semitruck crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Blog

Driving around on the interstate or highway puts you in close proximity to semitrucks. These trucks are large and heavy, so smaller personal vehicles aren’t any match for them.

Try as you might, you might still end up the victim of a semitruck crash. If this does occur, determining the cause of the big rig crash is imperative so that you can decide how you will move forward with a compensation claim. The cause of the accident is one clue that you have into whom you should name as a defendant in the case.

How does load securement impact accidents?

Loads that aren’t secured in accordance with applicable regulations can shift and cause an accident. A shifting load can cause a truck to sway or topple. It can lead to the cargo sliding backwards off the truck or forward up to or through the cab of the semitruck. Federal regulations stipulate how loads must be secured based on the type of cargo, length of each item, and the weight of the load.

What kinds of trucker actions might cause a truck accident?

Truckers can cause accidents if they aren’t driving in a safe manner. Keeping their attention on the road is crucial, so driving while fatigued or distracted isn’t appropriate. Truckers must also ensure they follow all applicable traffic laws to ensure that they aren’t putting other drivers in harm’s way. This includes driving at a speed that is safe for the current road conditions and paying attention to stop signs and other traffic devices. Watching what other traffic is doing is also imperative so the trucker doesn’t rear-end vehicles that have stopped or slowed for any reason.

How does maintenance and manufacture affect accidents?

Maintenance and manufacture can impact the probability of an accident. Components that aren’t working properly can lead to accidents. Brakes that aren’t working properly can lead a semitruck to slam into another vehicle or drive too fast for the conditions. The hitch and other attachments that keep the trailer hooked to the cab must function properly or the trailer can come disconnected. Even the tires on the truck and trailer must be in good condition or the truck might have a blowout.

Are there any other potential causes of big rig crashes?

Other potential causes of semitruck crashes include road conditions and the actions of other drivers. Debris in the roadway or difficult driving conditions might lead to accidents. Some drivers think they can dart around semitrucks or cut in front of them. These actions are unsafe and can lead to serious crashes.

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