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Motor vehicle accidents: 3 killed in Illinois crash

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While drivers must be vigilant at all times, extra vigilance is required when driving in heavy traffic, especially when there are construction projects in progress. Failure to do so could result in motor vehicle accidents with devastating consequences. In fact, police in Illinois are trying to fully understand the cause of a recent crash that killed three people.

The incident happened one evening just before Thanksgiving — a time that Illinois State Police describe as one of the busiest travel times. According to reports, a tractor-trailer plowed into  traffic that was slowing down, possibly due to construction. Eight vehicles were ultimately involved.

Twelve people were injured in the collision, including the driver of the tractor-trailer. Five of those injured had to be flown to a hospital by helicopter. Three people, a pair of sisters and a sophomore in college, lost their lives in the collision. Police officers are still working to determine what caused the accident and are hoping to interview those involved in order to gain additional information.

When motor vehicle accidents involve vehicles with a great deal of size disparity, there is a potential for serious consequences. Unfortunately, this Illinois accident has left multiple families attempting to cope with the unexpected loss of their loved ones. To help cope with the financial ramifications of their loss and ensure all responsible parties — potentially including a driver’s employer when an accident involves a commercial vehicle — are held accountable, many victims, or their family members in the event of a fatality, choose to file a civil lawsuit.

Source:, “Sisters, MSSU killed in Madison County crash, 12 injured“, Nov. 23, 2017

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