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Dog bites: Police search for dog after attack

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Dog Bites

Many households in Illinois have a pet dog. To most families, these animals are beloved family members who take part in many activities with their families. Unfortunately, some dog owners may overlook the potential harm their pet can cause, including inflicting injuries due to dog bites. In fact, police in another state are searching for the dog involved in an attack.

Police say that they responded to a call about a dog attack one morning in early September. The victim had apparently sought treatment at a Veteran Affairs clinic. The victim received an injury to his arm that reports describe as “extensive.”

Police claim that the person walking the dog left the scene following the accident, and they are currently looking for her. Without proof that the dog’s vaccination for rabies is current, the victim may have to undergo additional treatment. Police say that the victim believes that the dog that attacked him was a pit bull, but they have been unable to confirm the dog’s breed. The dog was reportedly being walked by a white female in her 60s, while the dog is described as white with a black patch around one of its eyes.

With the power of social media and surveillance footage, police in Illinois and other areas of the country are often able to determine the identity of people involved in such an incident. A representative for the police force claims that the dog’s owner could face a charge of failing to control the dog. Additionally, people who suffer dog bites often choose to file a civil lawsuit to help them seek the necessary funds to cope with the consequences of an attack.

Source:, “Serious dog bite reported in St. C.“, Robert A. DeFrank, Sept. 6, 2017

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