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Getting Compensation For A Personal Injury

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Personal Injury

It is unfortunate that innocent people bear the brunt for other people’s carelessness and negligence. In turn, the innocent person’s physical and mental wellbeing is compromised, and the person is also stuck with medical bills, the trauma, and other extensive damages as well. A personal injury lawsuit presents itself when someone is involved in an accident due to the disregard of another person, and the accused can be held responsible in a court of law. It primarily focuses on determining the extent of liability of the accused party for the injuries of the plaintiff. Before proceeding to file a personal injury lawsuit, it is prudent to establish the particular cause of injury.

Let’s take an instance of a store that has slippery floors, the shoppers are susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents and can file a personal injury suit to this effect. Product liability can also warrant a personal injury lawsuit if the product does not deliver what it stated it would, is defective or contravenes the consumer’s rights. A personal injury suit basically covers everything from premises liability, medical malpractice, car accidents and even malicious acts. The court can award punitive damages for spiteful acts, and compensatory damages are reserved for the injuries sustained.

A personal injury lawsuit can be settled in two ways namely;

Informal settlement

In this case, the aggrieved party seeks to come to a middle ground with the accused, and determine an ideal compensation plan. This settlement is typically mediated, and monetary compensation is usually given.

Formal settlement

Here, the plaintiff seeks legal representation and files a personal injury lawsuit against the guilty party. The court analyzes the evidence and determines the form of compensation for the damages.

While sustaining an injury cannot be reversed, personal injury law avails a platform for the injured to get relief for the damages incurred in the form of monetary compensation or a call to action ordered by the judge. An experienced personal injury lawyer will present your case in court before a jury. Personal injury lawsuits are often solved informally before the court releases a verdict on the claim.

Are you in need of representation for a personal injury claim, then don’t hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer in Addison, Illinois for legal advice on the way forward.

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