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Personal injury claims include more than just car accidents

Car accidents happen all the time here in Illinois, just as they do elsewhere, so the probability that you know someone injured in one is high. You might hear your friend, acquaintance or loved one talk about filing a personal injury claim in connection with a car wreck, but you should know that such claims go beyond this one type of event. Many other incidents could give rise to such a claim.

For example, if you fell in a store and suffered serious injuries, you could seek restitution for your medical costs, lost wages and other damages. This is also a personal injury claim. Injuries suffered from the use of a defective product also fall under this category. Being harmed by a medical professional who failed to provide you with the care you deserved might be called medical malpractice, but it is essentially a type of personal injury claim as well.

Nursing home residents who suffered from neglect might also be able to file this type of claim. Basically, any situation in which you suffered injuries due to the negligence of another could be a personal injury claim. Under Illinois law, you may be entitled to a variety of damages, depending on your situation.

Personal injury cases can quickly become complex. In addition to the paperwork, court documents and deadlines, gathering the appropriate evidence to prove your case could require the assistance of an attorney and other third parties. Attempting to handle such claims alone could result in you failing to receive all the restitution to which you may be entitled.

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