Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Understanding Your Options

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We are here to answer bankruptcy questions such as:

  • How does Chapter 13 work?
    Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves creating a structured plan for repaying your creditors some or all of what you owe. The plan will last three to five years, after which all remaining debt will be erased. It is also interest-free, so you won't accumulate any additional interest or fees.
  • Will I still have to deal with creditors?
    No, once you file bankruptcy, the court will issue an automatic stay that forbids creditors from contacting you.
  • Can it help me save my home?
    Yes, in many cases, Chapter 13 can help homeowners avoid foreclosure and catch up on missed mortgage payments.
  • What about my car?
    Chapter 13 can also help you create a repayment plan for any missed car payments, allowing you to keep your vehicle.

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