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Dog Bites Archives

Dog bites: Settlement for lawsuit over field trip

For many children in Illinois and across the country, going on a field trip with their class is one of their favorite school-related activities. Such opportunities allow them new adventures to which they may not normally be exposed. However, a recently settled lawsuit involved children who were apparently placed in unnecessary danger while on such an outing with their class, resulting in dog bites.

Dog bites: Police search for dog after attack

Many households in Illinois have a pet dog. To most families, these animals are beloved family members who take part in many activities with their families. Unfortunately, some dog owners may overlook the potential harm their pet can cause, including inflicting injuries due to dog bites. In fact, police in another state are searching for the dog involved in an attack.

Dog bites: Child hospitalized following attack

Many households in Illinois have dogs as pets. The animals are often beloved members of the family. Unfortunately, even dogs that have no previous history of violence can cause injuries. Reports indicate that a boy in another state was recently sent to the hospital as a result of dog bites -- reportedly the second attack this month involving the dog.

Dog bites sent 2 children to hospital

Many families in Illinois have dogs as family pets. Most pet owners would likely extol the virtues of choosing to bring home a dog. Unfortunately, as with all animals, the behavior of a dog is not always predictable, often leaving victims suffering as a result of dog bites. For example, two children in another state were recently hospitalized after they were apparently attacked by a pit bull.

Dog bites on airplane send passenger to hospital

Dogs serve several purposes in this country. While many people in Illinois have a dog as a pet, some are used as service animals or to help with law enforcement matters. Unfortunately, one man was hospitalized following an incident in another state that resulted in injuries caused by dog bites.

How can I help protect my child from dog bites?

Being bitten by a dog can be a very traumatic experience for anyone and unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurrence. It is estimated the 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs annually. Half of dog bite victims are children ranging from five to nine years of age. And as you would expect, a child is more likely to suffer an injury when bitten by a dog.

You need aggressive representation in claims for dog bites

Were you invited onto the property of an Illinois resident who owns a dog? Were you just peacefully minding your own business when that dog attacked and bit you without provocation? Were you injured? Dog bites potentially cause a host of medical issues and can even be fatal.

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